How To Have A Compelling Narrative To Influence Investors

Without a compelling narrative, founders will have difficulty closing their investors.


Honestly, investors are tired of listening to the same pitch style repeatedly.

They want something novel to be discussed and presented.

That’s when a customer journey narrative comes in.

The success of your business rests on your ability to improve the lives of the people it serves.

By telling the story of a person your venture serves, you demonstrate how it solves a deep need in the world.

By articulating your value proposition as it relates to a single, real-life person, founders can help the people they are trying to persuade understand the true potential of what they are working on.

📍The Elements of a Customer Story

1. Meet Joe. Joe has a problem. This problem bothers Joe.
2. Joe tried this and this, but no matter what he did, he couldn’t solve his problem.
3. Until, one day, Joe finds [your amazing product].
4. Now Joe is so happy he tells all his friends. Don’t you want to be like Joe?

✅Use Customer Story For
Complex products or services
Customers with dramatic transformation stories

Effect: Explains your venture and its value.


I explain this concept in detail in a LinkedIn Video that can be seen over here (Click Here)